1. Our Entrance Welcomes You To Another Era

  2. Our Hotel Brightens The Heart Of Downtown Baltimore

  3. Main Lobby

  4. The Historic Marble Staircase Is Beautifully-Preserved

  5. Enjoy Our Loving Tribute To This Historic Building

  6. Living Room

  7. The King Deluxe Room. Where History Meets Contemporary

  8. We Wish You Pleasant Dreams, With Two Double Queen Beds

  9. Bunk Bed

  10. Bunk Bed

  11. Suite Presidential

  12. Suite Presidential

  13. A Blend Of Rich Patterns, Textures And Colors In The Mediterranean Suite

  14. Spacious Granite Countertops And Well-Lit Mirrors In The Bathrooms

  15. Plenty Of Breathing Room In The Business Center

  16. Our Fitness Center Supports Your Commitment To Working Out